Winter League

The Winter League has been held every year since the early 1970s.

Any club from the local RLSS UK branch can enter we are part of Worcestershire and Herefordshire branch. 

The core clubs are Redditch, North Worcester, South Worcester and Lower Wick from Worcester. Others that have entered are Droitwich, Evesham, Hereford and Halesowen. Guest clubs have taken part from neighbouring branches on occasion.

The League consists of events for Men's, Ladies and Mixed/Youth teams.

These days it is held over 3 legs, 2 speed events and 1 first aid and initiative events.


Team speed events in legs 1 and 2  are:

  • Obstacle Relay

  • Manikin Relay

  • Rescue Tube Relay

  • Life Saving Skills Relay

  • Rope Throw Relay


Team events in leg 3 are: 

  • First Aid test

  • Water Initiative test

Points are gained from each event based on position. The team with the most points wins the leg which are converted into league points.

These are all combined to produce the League Winners after the three rounds.

There are also individual events to find the Branch champion in each:

  • 100/200m swim under Obstacles

  • 25m swim 25m Manikin Tow no fins

  • 25m swim 25m Manikin Tow with fins

  • 12.5m Rope Throw

There are medals, trophies and records are held for all of the events and individuals.